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Get API Keys

Retrieving (or generating) your Twitter API keys is a simple 5 step process.
It takes longer to read about it than to actually do it. Here you go.

1. Browse to Twitter’s Developers page to Create an App

Visit https://developer.twitter.com/en/apps in your browser, login, and click the Create an App button.

2. Create a Twitter Developer Account

A developer account is required to create an app.  You’ll be instructed to create one if this is your first time.

2.1 Apply for a Twitter Developer Account

2.2 Choose an Appropriate Reason to Create a Developer Account

Select the reason that best describes how you plan to use BirdIQ and Twitter.

3. Create a New App

Fill out the form and click the Create your Twitter application button.

  • Name and Description can be anything you like.
  • Website has to be formatted like a real URL, but doesn’t have to point anywhere real.
  • Callback URL should be left blank.
  • Tell us how this app will be used should include the details about how you plan to use BirdIQ.
  • The remaining fields can be left blank.


4. Retrieve Consumer API Keys

Click the Keys and tokens tab and copy the API Key and API secret key values into BirdIQ’s Twitter API Key and Twitter API Secret fields.

5. Generate the Access Token and Secret

Click the Generate button and copy the Access Token and Access Token Secret into their BirdIQ fields.

That’s all, you’re now good to go.

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